T-Files 005: Nima on the DG Water Project

The Digital Gravel Water Project consists of exclusive limited edition t-shirts and hoodies from a selection of brands in the industry, in order to raise money to purchase a PlayPump – so a town in Africa will have a clean water supply. As such, this is a lot more meaningful than your average collaborative effort, and I’m very honored to have been included, contributing a design for Selector. Let’s hear about the whole thing directly from the man with the plan…

What’s up Nima? Where are you today and what are you working on? Hola Senor! I’m actually working from the crib today, comforted by the comforter and propped up by my third cup of coffee. I’m finally getting the preparations together to launch the DG WATER PROJECT… Which basically means I’m putting together a facebook group today and trying to drum up some excitement about the whole thing..

So what is the Digital Gravel Water Project exactly? Well, long story short… I thought it was high time for all of us in this cool little independent community of entrepreneurs, artists & enthusiasts to put our heads together and do something philanthropic and charitable. I had heard about Playpumps: Water pumps powered by children’s playgrounds that could easily provide clean water to a whole village for 10 years, as well as alleviate workload for children and provide them a place to play. I loved the idea, because it was something everyone could get down with. Who doesn’t want kids to have access to clean water?

One of these pumps costs $14,000 and I decided that we should try to raise the money for an entire pump, just as a symbol that all of us can get together and use all of our related talents and skills to quickly provide something so tangible and so beneficial. So I put together a plan where 10 brands would each donate a design to be printed on a very limited amount of 24 tees, 24 hoodies and 12 girl’s shirts. All in all, each design would only be printed 60 times. So in the end, we have 600 pieces, all the profit is donated towards the playpump and promoting the project. As much as this is primarily about raising money for the pump, I also wanted the purchasers to feel like they were getting a truly valuable piece of clothing as well. I feel like all people want to do good, you just have to get on the same page as them, so you’re not just asking for handouts.

Which brands are involved in it? The Hundreds, Foreign Family, Selector, STPL, 3Sixteen, Hoodman, ABCNT, Bombin’, Nonsense & GrtrThan.

Do you know where the pump will be installed? Yes, we have asked for it to be in Tanzania as we have friends with family there and would love the opportunity to be able to visit the actual pump that we are raising money to build. However, we want to provide the pump where it is needed most and can be installed the fastest. Since conditions are always changing in many African countries, we have spoken to Playpumps International about coordinating with them once the money has been raised, to see where our Pump can be the most useful at that time.

And how do you feel about the project in terms of being able to do what you do best and help your fellow human at the same time? I absolutely love it. If nothing else, I want us all to show eachother, that with some creative thinking and very little effort, all the things we are really good at are the exact tools we can use to quickly improve the lives of others. There are some amazing solutions to terrible problems out there and as an independent community, we need to start taking the responsibility and the initiative to get involved and tackle these issues in creative way.

When will the products be available? December 25th, Christmas day… So hopefully people are in a giving mood! Sign up at www.digitalgravel.com/water to be the first to know when these designs drop.

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