T-Files 011: Yasi Salek

Yasi must not have very much free time. While currently studying for her MBA, she is a frequent contributor to magazines like Missbehave, preaches to a large flock of followers as The Hundreds’ own self-help guru at Ask Yasi, owns women’s online clothing retailer Cultist, and having decided that’s not enough for one person, now she’s launching the blog to end all blogs, and it’s called Hey Bunny. Some people say she invented the internet. 

Where are you today? Roaming the storied and picturesque halls of the USC business school. 

What are you working on? I am currently pretending to read this case study called “Samsung vs. Sony, the Competitive Collaboration” while in reality  perusing The Los Angeles Times Laker blog. 

So how is running your own online retail empire and saving the lives of thousands of Hundreds fans treating you these days? Are you just thrilled for MAGIC? Wait, what?

So, what is this Hey Bunny site gonna be about? I’ve always thought that world domination starts with a few cute bunny drawings and a whole lot of unfettered malarky. (Is there such a thing as fettered malarky?). 

Read any good books lately? I’m sort of obsessed with this book by this music journalist Rob Sheffield called “Love is a Mixtape.” I’ve read it about thirteen times in the past few months. I just finished re-reading “The Watchmen”, which was actually even more brilliant than I remember it being in college. I’m so excited for the movie I nearly throw up every time I drive past a billboard for it. I like to read a few books at a time because I’m sort of crazy, so right now I’m alternating between “The God Delusion,” “Outliers” and “Y the Last Man: Book 1” which is an awesome comic that I hear has been optioned into a movie starring Shia LaBeouf. (I have a creepy cougar crush on him, so what).  

Besides the miserably crumbling economy, has anything been slowing down your productivity lately? Unfortunately, my school-mandated productivity has been slowing down my sloth. My DVR is practically full and, not knowing what is happening on Private Practice is really upsetting to me. I miss Dr. House. Let’s not even get started on Shane and the girls on the L Word.  Luckily since updating Hey Bunny is something a nine year old ESL student could do, I can still fit that into my schedule.  

Why does the clothing game suck/rule in ‘09? Because according to my sources, Wal-Mart’s annual sales are bigger than the aggregated Gross Domestic Product of something like 161 countries. 

What the hell is wrong with LA drivers? A collective inability to grasp the inherent meaningless of existence. 

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