T-Files 019: L’Atlas

It’s been a while since I posted up an interview, so I’m excited about this one with L’Atlas. I first got in touch with the French artist about five years ago. Nima at Digital Gravel was looking to try producing some artist tee brands and introduce them to the market. We absolutely loved his art and typography, and thought it would look great on T-shirts. Fortunately L’Atlas was game to find out. I wish I still had some of the shirts. I got back in touch with him recently to catch up, and see if he could find the time to do this. He’s certainly been very busy, and has plenty of amazing photos to prove it.

Where are you today? Are you still living and working in Paris? I’m still living in Belleville Zoo, I just had a daughter, Inna, with Manon L. and my studio La Kommune is still in La Forge (the heart of Belleville Zoo).

Congratulations on your daughter! What are you working on lately? I continue to lead the crew VAO with Tanc, Sun7, Teurk, Babou, Yaze, and Coers…And many projects. I continue to shoot my canvas in the street of every capitals of the world…have a look at “World Tour” on my website. I continue my work of paintings around letters labyrinths Kryptogramms. I created a project called Ground Print System (GPS) in which I make some imprint of a manhole on canvas in every city in the world too. (Also on my website). I am working also to create a real big labyrinth in concrete in the desert of Sahara…

What is your favorite recent artwork/graphic/project? The one of Beaubourg, it was a participation -there were like 200 hundred child who was helping me!


Where have you been finding inspiration lately? New york for my last solo show at Nine 5 Gallery on Spring street. India for my last project…

Can you tell us about your exhibition in India? I was invited by the French Embassy for the Festival BONJOUR INDIA. Just performance at the Alliance Francaise and then doing my project in the street alone…

Have you studied art at school? Yes street school!

When did you start doing street art? 1990 for graffiti, 2000 for other techniques.

Can you talk about some of the different techniques you’ve explored? So I use the gaffer for the street, paper for the pasting, and the imprint on canvas for the GPS project.


What are some of the big things that have happened during the 4-5 years since we talked? Centre Pompidou, New York … my book… and my new Familiy! ;)

Congratulations on everything! The book looks incredible. Yes, I print it in Genova, Italy.

Do you have anything on the horizon for 2010? A lot… Museum Quartier of Wien invited me to make a big wall outside of the museum…a permanant one! Then I was invited to Rio de Janeiro and Buenos aires for all the sames reasons…and I am living next month March in Moscow for the biennale!


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