T-Files 024: CRYPTIK

I first noticed the work of CRYPTIK up around Venice mid-last year, and have been noticing the steadily growing presence of his posters and stickers on the streets of LA since. I posted up photos of his Buddha posters, and Nima from DG kindly clued me in to the name of the artist. Then CRYPTIK left a comment on the site at one point, and a week or so later I finally put two and two together and realized this was the same individual whose work I liked so much. I’m a bit slow like that. I asked CRYPTIK for an interview so I could learn a bit more about the thinking behind all the striking and enigmatic artwork…and here it is:

Where are you today? In outerspace…

What are you working on? Working on some canvases, a little project for DubLab, a design for Hit+Run, tattoo art, etc…

What is the CRYPTIK movement about? It’s about offering people a different perspective, a broader philosophy of life. It’s a journey into the inner dimensions of the mind, a reawakening of the sacred, an exploration of the Greater Mysteries.

Where do you find inspiration? From anything that challenges my perception of reality…i like ideas that don’t necessarily fit into any scientific paradigms…UFO’s, Telepathy, Astral Projection, etc…

It seems like Buddhist art is a big inspiration for you. Is this just aesthetic or is there a deeper meaning to it? Intuitively, I felt that “Eastern Philosophy” would be a good place to start. Nowhere in the world will you find as much information on the study of the mind than in the East. Also, I wanted to start with something that was easy to digest before getting into more esoteric/occult philosophies.

Your typography is incredible; can you talk about how you developed your style? As a kid, I was heavily influenced by “gang graffiti,” Old English, and calligraphy. As I got older, my interests turned more toward the ancient scripts like Arabic and Sanskrit where writing served a deeper purpose and meaning…the word was considered sacred! When I discovered Tibetan Calligraphy, it was pretty much over!

How do people seem to be reacting to your work? So far, the response has been pretty positive. Most people assume it’s just a Buddhist Movement, but I’m hoping they can stay with me as I move on to more challenging ideas.

So far I’ve seen lots of wheat-pasted posters and some great stickers. Are those your two main media for getting your art out? Yeah, along with screen printed shirts…for now, but I’ve definitely got some things cookin’.

Are you primarily interested in getting up in public, or do you galleries/canvas/etc? Galleries definitely have their place, but I’m more concerned with getting my work out there for everyone to see. I’m fortunate enough to not have to depend on my art to survive. It’s all love.

Who are some other artists you dig? VCJ, Andy Goldsworthy, Chaz Bojorquez, Alex Grey, M.C. Escher…

What should we expect from CRYPTIK in 2010? Expect the unexpected!

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