The early bird gets the peace & quiet

Got up at the crack of dawn today and went for a nice stroll around Venice with my daughter, well before most people are out and about. Here’s Abbot Kinney with barely a soul in sight.

Heading down toward the beach we passed Mollusk, which is quite possibly the best surf shop chain in the US. There’s one in SF, the one here in Venice, and one in Brooklyn too. They weren’t open yet, obviously.

Take a look at that lettering!

Then we passed Tattoo Asylum right by the beach. They have a covered walkway with arches, and a rather impressive, if not somewhat scary, mural overhead:

If you’ve ever been down to Venice on a sunny weekend day, you can probably appreciate how nice it is to hit the boardwalk well before the crowds show up. It almost looks like a respectable beach here, as opposed to the grimiest beach in North America, which I think it could well be. The only other contender is Coney Island, that’s for sure.

Funny place for a “No Graffiti” sign. It’s a bit sad. Someone rubbed it in by tagging it too. Sign fail?

And this sign spells it all out nicely. Early in the morning there are only a few zombie-esque types moving around but after 10am it’s definitely an all out freakshow until well after the sun goes down. An appropriate place to use that circus-y font.

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