The Posse Project

My random travels across the interweb landed on this interesting endeavor called The Posse Project, by the Phoenix New Times. I know we’re all supposed to be boycotting Arizona right now, but I just found it so fascinating that I thought I’d share anyway. I’m still boycotting all other aspects of Arizona, for what that’s worth. So basically, the Phoenix New Times music blog took it upon themselves to track down and interview all the familiar and unfamiliar faces featured on the front of N.W.A and the Posse. The album is new to me, and that’s because it was released about a year before the LA-based gangster rap supergroup finalized their lineup, and all donned their trademark black caps and black tees. Ice Cube proves this point nicely with his blue & teal sweater and his clock pendant. According to the article this album was sort of a rough trial run for what would become their much more famous and successful release, Straight Outta Compton. Some of the gents featured on the cover are now world-famous actors, some have passed away, and you’ll have to hit the link and read on to find out where the rest ended up…

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