Tough Times

Eugene from Hypebeast has put together an impressive series of interviews with streetwear industry luminaries from around the country and the globe, on “Tough Times: A Look into the Current State of Streetwear.” The six interviews focus on the economic slowdown resulting from GFC (global financial crisis), how the situation is affecting them, and their thoughts on how to react. It’s rare to hear people in this industry speak so candidly about the state of the game, and what they’re doing about it. It’s really great to hear each person’s different approach, and I really liked what Alyasha, Chris Gibbs, and Eric Brunetti had to say, in particular. There’s a lot of wisdom and experience shared there. Here are some of the highlights:

“Stock up on ramen kids… it’s going to be a rough road.” – Alyasha Owerka Moore

“The internet is the new trade show, and it’s free of charge.”  – Erik Brunetti

“Don’t start a brand. Only a highly delusional person would start a brand in this financial climate.” – Erik Brunetti

“Our industry has become a little stagnant and it kind of needed a shake up.” – Chris Gibbs

It’s definitely worth reading the entire article if you are remotely interested in the business side of the game…

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