Tweeeet! Duuude! Tweeeet! Duuuuude!…

Ok, so pretty much the whole world is on Twitter now. Yesterday, Rickey Kim of Evil Monito fame posted up a photo on his blog which reads, “Twitter is the new Facebook,” announcing his new Twitter account. I’m still on the fence about the whole thing and can’t decide if it’s completely pointless, or somehow superior to Facebook’s remarkably similar “status updates.” Seems like the same thing to me. If anyone can enlighten me on this, please drop me an email or leave a comment! Snippo from Foreign Family just started his Twitter account, which should be entertaining to follow, to say the least. And while I sit on the Twitter fence, pondering whether or not to dive in myself, there are sites like TWEEEEET Design, which aggregates the Twitter accounts for popular designers such as jeffstaple, Benny Gold, Jeff Hamada and my homie Joshy D from REBEL8 – allowing you to follow their Twitter posts (tweets) all on the one page, and without making a commitment to the big new thing in social networking. Yay! Via Changethethought™.

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One comment on “Tweeeet! Duuude! Tweeeet! Duuuuude!…
  1. johnson… from what i have heard and gathered, the main difference between twitter and facebook status updates is…. on facebook you can only add/stalk your friends, whereas on twitter you can add/stalk pretty much everyone. for instance, mani knows exactly what mc hammer had for breakfast, and who lance armstrong is boning now. me and you, fortunately, dont.

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