Tweet Thing

If you know me reasonably well, you probably know that I like to make a point of avoiding every other major pop culture phenomenon, for no particular reason other than I like to think of myself as a rebel. That’s right, I don’t have a MySpace page, and I’ve never seen Titanic. No one cares. So after stubbornly resisting this whole Twitter thing for just about long enough that it’s probably about to go out of fashion, several people whose opinion I value highly have strongly encouraged me to get on board lately. So I have. I’ve done it. I’m down with Twitter, or however you say it in popular parlance. I don’t really know what I’m doing but I have been lucky enough to get some good guidance so far. If you want to follow me in my guaranteed-to-be-embarrassing first stabs at Tweeting, follow me here. I can’t promise you won’t regret it, but I do promise not to Tweet about what I’m having for lunch. Not every day anyway. I’ll try to save that sort of thing for my Facebook status updates, or better yet, for this site.


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