TYPO 2014

It’s almost like it’s not a real website if you don’t have a year-in-review post, right? For transparency’s sake, these selections are based strictly on web traffic. It just so happens that the statistics align with many of my own favorites, which was a nice surprise.


MOST VISITED. My post about the JP Edition Sonata 2015 ended up being the most-visited Typo-Graphical post of 2014. John Pangilinan did a stunning job curating this performance ride with artistic touches from another friend, MR44, and sponsorship from some incredible companies like Knockaround and Flexfit to boot.


PRINTS OF THE YEAR. This post about new prints by LA-based artist Hannah Stouffer was another one of the most popular posts of the year. Supporting my talented friends and acquaintances is a big motivator for me, so I’m glad I could help Hannah share this great work.


TEES OF THE YEAR. I thought these Bootleg Concert Tees Gone Bad from the good people at Bootleg, available at Hutch LA, were just amazing. Apparently I wasn’t the only one.


BOOK OF THE YEAR. This review of Type On Screen, a follow-up to the Princeton Architectural Press best-seller Thinking With Type ended up being the most-visited book review I posted this year.


T-FILES OF THE YEAR. This T-Files 041 interview with Angeleno artist Reef Kills Pop was the most popular T-Files interview I posted in 2014. I’m always stoked to learn more about someone whose work I see a lot of around LA, and Reef really opened up about the challenges he’s overcome to get to where he’s at now.

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