Walk on the Wild Side

Pardon the extremely shoddy iPhone photos, but I saw some cool stuff on my early morning walk around Venice today. I spotted this great piece by RETNA, one of LA’s best known graf writers, hailing from the AWR/MSK crew. I think it’s pretty new. At least, I don’t remember seeing it before, and it looks sort of freshly painted. It’s on Brooks Ave between Pacific and Speedway.

I’m not as familiar with SHARK TOOF, but I know that he wheatpastes and spraypaints sharks and things around LA. This might be the first time I’ve actually spotted his work on the street. This is right on the Venice boardwalk, in front of a building which is either abandoned or permanently under construction, I can’t tell. I really liked these two sharks. Looks like it’s a combination of wheatpasted posters, and some sprayed stencils.

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  1. Great blog man, I did a few features on RETNA a while ago on my blog, really great artist. You’ve got a great set up and everything man, I’ll definitely be back on here, keep up the good work.

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