We Want Miles

Franck Bergamot’s We Want Miles: Miles Davis vs. Jazz is an incredibly thorough look at the life and work of the “Picasso of Jazz,” one of America’s most important musicians. It is touted as a photography book, and it does indeed contain an astounding collection of photos, as well as images of his album covers, concert posters, club flyers, and art he inspired, but it also contains a wealth of writing from people who came into contact with him over his long and storied career. It starts with his big band beginnings in St. Louis, and follows him through the Bebop era to New York City where he worked with Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie, on to his early solo efforts like Birth of The Cool, tracking his rise to fame along with his descent into drug abuse, and continues through his experimentations with rock and funk, his early retirement, and his return to the stage. The layout is excellent, and if this book was limited to just the photos or just the text alone, it would be an excellent offering. The impressive 9.5″ x 11″ hardcover will be out from Skira Rizzoli in June.

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