Wet Paint

Got out on the bike yesterday to enjoy the weather, ride around aimlessly, and snap some photos. Aside from the fact that walking is simply socially unacceptable here, interesting things tend to be few and far between when you’re on foot in LA. You miss everything when you’re driving, so the bike seems like the best bet. Of course, two blocks from the house, I got a puncture and had to head home, change the inner tube, and start again. I rode along Venice Blvd, mostly because it’s the only East-West artery around here with a dedicated bike lane. The first photo is a bus stop memorial mural for Devin Petelski, who was killed by a speeding LAPD cruiser near the corner of Venice & Lincoln last October, done by an artist called Never. The next six photos are of a giant mural by the same artist, on the side of Floyd’s Barber Shop at Venice & Grand View Blvd. It looked like the paint was only just drying. All the rest of the photos are just random hand-painted storefront signage, some old, some new, some good, some not so good.

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  1. Great shots.. gotta love the classic signs. I am so tired of seeing all the CRAPPY signage people are using these days. keep posting more!

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