With or Without

Ernesto Yerena from Shepard Fairey’s Studio Number One let me know about another great print he just produced. The title is Con o Sin (With or Without) which references a quote by Mariachi singer/songwriter/composer Jose Alfredo Jimenez. It goes, “Con dinero o sin dinero hago siempre lo que quiero” and it means, “With money or without money I always do what I please.” The illustration is based on a photo he shot in November of 2007, while working on a series of Norteño musicians in Mexicali B.C., MX. It’s an edition of 25, 18 x 24 inch three color signed poster prints, each with a total of five hits in all, and they’re $65. 

For more info, contact Ernesto here: hechoconganas@yahoo.com

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