X Factor

Speaking of car stuff, Light Regions, which is Michael R. Dueñas (interviewed) and Ryan Correll, recently produced & edited this Audi spot. Bill Bennet was the cinematographer, and it was shot with the Arri Alexa infrared camera.

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Credits: Bill Bennett, ASC was Cinematographer. Michael Rodriguez was Producer and Production Coordinator. Ryan Correll was the Editor. Robin Charters was First Camera Assistant. Jon and Marshall Chabot of Chase Car, Inc. provided the Porsche Panamera high speed arm car, fitted with the Scorpio arm and head. Gilbert Alvarado was the Scorpio head tech. Flynn Baglin was the precision driver. Katherine Beer was DIT and actress. Support for the IR Alexa came from Arri, Burbank and Fred Molina. Music: “Andromeda” by Pavel Dovgal.

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