You’ve Got to Get Up to Get Down

ABOVE is a really good artist I’ve been in touch with for quite a few years now. I guess he’s a “street artist” but that term almost seems like a dirty word for some reason. Anyway, in my early days at DG, Nima and I produced a small T-shirt collection for Above, and we were really happy with the end product. I wish I still had some of the tees! Since then, he’s been traveling the world non-stop, painting and hanging his art the whole time. He’s a relatively low-profile guy, who does what he does for the love of it, and turns down most offers to commercialize his work. He doesn’t seem very interested in gaining personal fame from it either. As a result, you don’t see an overwhelming number of features on his work, or interviews with him, so I was glad to see that he has a good interview up on Arrested Motion.

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